5 Critical Safety Tips for Riders in South Africa

5 Critical Safety Tips for Riders in South Africa

We loved this piece by Sally Perkins, a professional freelance writer. She enjoys reading, hiking, spending time with her family and travelling as much as possible. She has a keen interest in road safety as she is a cyclist.

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South Africa is known for its beautiful bicycle paths, challenging terrains, and self-guided tours. However, it’s especially important for cyclists to take safety measures when riding.

Wear the Proper Gear

Of course, wearing a helmet is key to cycling safety. But, reflective clothing is just as important, and something riders often overlook. Wear as much reflective clothing as you can to ensure that motorists see you. Protective eyewear will also help keep bugs and debris from your eyes so you can make sure they stay on the road always. Finally, consider wearing a medical emergency bracelet with your vital health information in case of an accident.

Study Up on Traffic Signs and Rules

Cycling is popular in the region, so there is a list of regulations devoted to it. Take time to familiarize yourself with all traffic signs and bike rules. For example, Regulation 311, Rule 4 states that cyclists should not purposely cause their bicycles to swerve on a public road. These cycling rules are there for safety.

Use Your Hands

You should also practice using hand signals before you head out on the road. Safety signals can benefit other cyclists and motorists to help keep everyone safe. Studying the cyclist signals and getting into the habit of using them consistently will help it become second nature to you.

Ride with a Partner (or Five)

There's certainly safety in numbers when it comes to cycling. Cycling alone makes it more difficult for motorists to see you. Plus, if anything were to happen, there’s no one else to help. The more people you can get to ride with you, the safer your ride will be.

Ask the Experts

Who knows more about South African cyclists than cycling experts? Ask others about bicycling paths when you're planning to ride and the best times of day to go. You'll likely get plenty of insider’s information that can help keep you safe during your next trip.

Cycling in South Africa is an incredible experience for beginner to advanced cyclists, but it also involves a whole new level of safety issues with which you need to familiarise yourself. Take the proper precautions to ensure the best and safest experience possible.

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