Brave the winter chill with this cycling gear

In some parts of South Africa during winter, the weather is just fine - here’s looking at you, Durban. But if you live anywhere else in SA, you’ll need to brave the cold to enjoy your bike time. Of course, there is indoor training, but eventually, you’ll crack and head for the great outdoors. Stay warm with this gear selection. The general rule of thumb is to keep your extremities warm, so if you’re needing to count the pennies, place the emphasis on the parts that get the coldest. These are our top five picks:

First Ascent Derma Tec Short Sleeve Baselayer

Designed to provide additional insulation and moisture wicking fabrics to ensure you sweat is drawn away from the skin rather than trapping it in there, causing you to feel cold at your core.

Bontrager Velocis Windshell Glove

Cool-weather gloves that offer lightweight, windproof and water-resistant protection. Your hands bear the brunt of the cold wind, and once they’re frozen, it’s hard to thaw them until the end of the ride, so rather look out for your digits from the get-go.

Capestorm’s Motion Cycling Jacket

The windproof fabric and reflective detail will make sure you remain comfortable as well as visible on the road. It’s all about being seen. No, really, it is. If cars or any other road users can see you, they will (for the most part!) avoid you, so be seen!

Bontrager Thermal Leg Warmer

A thermal leg warmer that traps body heat and wicks moisture for comfortable rides in cold weather. They’re also a win in changeable conditions, like highveld winter’s days, that get pretty warm after a frosty start early in the morning. This way, you can just peel off the layers.

Reflective Buff

Reflective Buff has all the functionality and versatility of Original Buff with the added benefit of retro-reflectivestaggered stripes on either side. When illuminated by a light source, the reflective material appears brilliant white making the wearer clearly visible in poor light conditions. Furthermore, when you lose heat out of your head,it’s challenging to warm it up again, so keeping your pip warm from the get-go is a definite must!

Now that you've got your gear sorted, click here find out how training in winter could hold the secret to your cycle challenge success.

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