Cycle Challenge enlists Trek Troopers for the second year

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge has become a bucket-list event, something that people of all backgrounds and fitness levels set as a goal to achieve. It shows the incredible guts and courage of the people who participate in the ride, that the Cycle Challenge receives almost 10% of its entries from novice riders, most of whom have never tested themselves with an endurance event before. As unseeded riders, these cyclists unfortunately have to start in the last 4 start groups and have the least amount of time to finish the ride, and to meet the cut-offs.

So, in 2017 the event enlisted the help of 22 super-riders who volunteered to guide and motivate the 3 200 cyclists in the last 4 start groups, and do everything they could to get them across the finish line. With the support of global bike brand - Trek, the Trek Troopers were born, and kitted out in luminous Trek Troopers gear, they sacrificed their own race, to push others through. The stories from the Trek Troopers are testament to the grit, commitment and heart of the thousands of riders who tackle this challenge.

Seeing the determination in people and also seeing people on the verge of giving up, in tears and in pain and convincing them that they can do it. Getting them back on the bike, talking to them, taking their minds off the heat, pain and suffering and being able to help them over the finish and then seeing them with the medal and a big smile, knowing that I helped them get there, was unbelievable!

David Tudor, Trek Trooper

They just flowed with enthusiasm, energy and support, willing the riders on, encouraging them and if that was not enough, then actually pushing broken riders along up all the hills, even at the end, after they had ridden 90kms on that lap. Super-human power coupled with magical passion and encouragement they got many riders back on the saddle and completing the event!

Ivor Rimmer, Off-Road Rescue Organisation

Ivor has worked on the event as part of the Off-Road Rescue Organisation for 18 years, and this was the first he’d seen of this type of camaraderie.

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is more than just a cycle race, it is a platform for people to do something great. Whether they are achieving a personal goal, like the many novices who tackle the 94.7km route, or supporting a charity by raising funds and awareness under the banner of Ride for a Purpose; or helping others who need a boost out on the route, this is an event that allows participants and supporters alike to be more, to be better and to make themselves and the whole of Joburg, proud.

If you want to do something great, 947 loves you!

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