Cycle Challenge granted UCI 1.1 status for the Women's Race

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is very pleased to confirm that we will once again be hosting a UCI 1.1 Women’s Race. This will be the third edition of this prestigious race within the race, and we look forward to welcoming international, African and local teams once again.

The ranking afforded to the Cycle Challenge for the Women’s Race means that teams are invited to participate, as opposed to the usual entry process that is used by cycling-for-all events around the world. Riders participate and upon placing in the results sheet, gain valuable UCI points that count towards their world ranking, as well as their team’s world ranking.

Last year, Rio Games made the calendar, and the racing season, extremely long for a lot of riders. This year, the World Championships in Bergen, Norway sees the final racing of the season, giving way to a much-deserved off-season for the professional teams. The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge now falls into the beginning of the year of the international UCI calendar, and this subtle change gives riders, and teams, a chance to earn early points. It doesn’t however, change the fact that the riders will be coming out of their quiet time, and only really getting back in to training.

We are in the process of finalising the teams that are able to join us this year, as well as all the travel arrangements around their visit, and look forward to making those announcements in the coming weeks

Jenni Green - Sporting Director: UCI 1.1 Women’s Race

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