Cycle Challenge route gets flipped.....Joburg reacts!

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge will be as thrilling and exciting as always only this time around we’re doing it in reverse! The excitement was in the air as we revealed the big news this past weekend with 947’s Rob Vember broadcasting live from Dunkeld West Shopping Centre.

Watch below as Telkom's Head of Sponsorships Braam Wessels talks through the implication of the route flip.

The new route is going to still be a challenge for loyal cyclists. There will still be quite a lot climbing and it’s just as long but we think it will be even more enjoyable as the really nasty bit, which used to hit just as riders were at their worst, is now out of the way early says Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge Race Director Tanya Harford.

Here's what some riders had to say about the new change....

Those who think it’s gonna be easier may be in for a surprise, those fast long downhills now become a monstrous climb (Jan Smuts to Hyde Park, Zoo lake). Nevertheless, this is exciting, all you need to do is pace yourself for the first 45km and then give it horns later

Zaheed Peer

I think it's going to be harder but that's the fun of it. Let's do this.

Michael Halbhuber

Awesome change. Let's see how it goes. No Steyn City 10km climb is amazing!!!! Thank you. I think.....

Melinda Dippenaar

I did my 10th race last year and thought that was my last. But with this surprise, I will definitely be at the start this year again.

Anna-Marie Venter

I’m still rattling my head around Steyn City coming up first. Not looking forward to Zoo Lake though.

Mondé Mchunu-Süssmann

Love it, all records zero, new times for all, new challenges

Malcolm Henning

This is tough, was gonna give it a miss this year. But I guess I'll just have to do it!

Denver Ellie

We also caught up with some cyclists on their Sunday ride in Muldesdrift to find out what their thoughts are on the route flip.

Still wondering how the change will affect your ride? Watch the video below.

Whether 2018 will be your first Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge or your 22nd, the route reversal will make this an exciting ride as you see Joburg through your saddle! If you're up for the challenge make sure to click here and enter today!

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