Tourism impact of the Cycle Challenge

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is predominantly supported by locals, with 85.99% of our riders coming from Gauteng. However, the stature of the event does attract international riders from as far afield as the USA who make enquiries about riding, and a French travel operator has joined the event for the last two years with an interest in packaging tours to ride the CC to the French. The UCI 1.1 ranking for the women’s ride has also really boosted the event’s international profile in cycling circles and we have international media who come through including female cycling TV channel – Vox TV.

We also receive entries from our neighbours in the SADAC region.



Regardless of how local the field is, there is a spin off for tourism operators as is evidenced by the bookings at hotels and guest houses in the area which are fully booked over Cycle Challenge weekend. As an event we also commit to creating as much employment as possible for the surrounding townships of Diepsloot and the Thabo Mbeki informal settlement. The total job creation for the event over sits at around 4000 jobs.

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge EXPO is the biggest sports expo in the country and has far broader appeal than just cyclists participate in our event so this is a must-attend expo for many of our exhibitors.

And then of course, for Joburgers who aren’t riding the race, it’s still a fun day our as there’s a carnival atmosphere along the route with multiple activation points where spectators can set themselves up and join in without having to ride nearly 100km!

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