Soweto now? Feel inspired!

With full road closure and unique and exciting route, the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge offers a great adventure on a bicycle. Haven’t entered yet or need some help deciding? Why not learn more about our Ride for a Purpose initiative – and follow the steps of this team of Development Cyclists who connected with the Bhoni4Kasi NGO, and who want to inspire you too!

Bhoni4Kasi was established in Soweto in 2013 to try and change the perception of cycling in their communities. They have involved young people in cycling to take them away from criminal activities and substance abuse, but the club has also worked hard to promote cycling as a sport. They train every Saturday and Sunday to keep fit, and do their best to groom riders who have racing potential.

As club member Calvin Mono shows, one can’t doubt their love of cycling. When he was a child, he sold snacks and sweets at his school to be able to afford his first bicycle, which had to be a BMX although he already admired skinny, big wheels!

Calvin and his club members will be participating in the 2017 edition of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, and with few opportunities to race, this team of riders are determined to give their best. While some riders are in their late 20’s and 30’s, there are youngsters who are not even teenagers yet. . Some team members have never ridden the Cycle Challenge before but on the other hand, Calvin completed his first Cycle Challenge in 3:16 last year, and is looking to finish in less than 3 hours this year.

Calvin expressed his gratitude for being able to use the Cycle Challenge as a platform for their initiative:

As we continue to build the future of cycling in Soweto we are forever grateful for being afforded this opportunity

Calvin Mono

In 2016, 115 charities registered and raised R13.4 million for their causes. Furthermore, since its inception in 2011, the total raised to date is a staggering R66.9 million!

Cycle Challenge has once again reserved 5 charity start groups. It means not only can you ride with your friends or fellow activists but you could also be eligible for an earlier start time.

Experience the comradery of the Ride for a Purpose initiative for yourself.

Enter here.

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