Greg and Lucky find their #CC2018 replacements!

They might be super great at keeping you entertained on your drive home every afternoon but they are certainly not the world's greatest athletes! 947’s funny drive time duo Greg and Lucky have been on the hunt to search for their replacements in the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.

After searching long and hard through thousands of entries, Greg and Lucky have finally found the two awesome listeners who will be riding Joburg's biggest race on their behalf come November 18th.

Greg was adamant about someone who is super chilled, wants to have fun and will finish the race. He found exactly that in Scott Redpath. A sales rep from Alberton, Scott is an indoor soccer player who will be riding #CC2018 for the very first time, but super confident that he'll definitely cross the finish line.

Team Lucky will be represented by Nadine Marais, a sports science master’s student from the University of Johannesburg and a competitive swimmer and instructor with many accolades under her belt. "I have conquered water and now it's time to conquer land," said the pro swimmer, who will also be riding the race for the first time!

I'm cycling for Lucky because he is competitive, and for me that's a win!

Nadine Marais

It's going to be a lot of hard work for both Nadine and Scott to get race-day ready but to help with that, our friends at Trek kitted them out with all the cycling gear they need, and the most gorgeous Emonda SL6 bikes to ensure that they ride in style!

We'll be keeping you updated on Nadine and Scott's progress as they prepare for the big day!

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