Important notice on health and safety ahead of race day

Race organisers are in final preparations to host you at the 21st edition of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, at Riversands Commercial Park on Sunday 19th November.

Your health and safety at this event is always a major priority and in addition to the many measures in place to ensure you are safe on the roads, we also urge you to check that you are in good health and physically strong enough to compete in the Cycle Challenge.

Riders with any of the following medical conditions are specifically requested to seek appropriate medical consultation prior to participation and to take any relevant precautions if, and when necessary:

• Any persons diagnosed with heart disease/stroke should have prior medical consultation and approval to participate

• Diabetes (if on medication) – may need to change dose prior to the Cycle Challenge

• Ear pathology causing vertigo/dizziness/balance problems, particularly of recent onset

• Epilepsy (if on medication)

• Exercise-induced bronchospasm/asthma

• Heavy smokers

• Hypertension/high blood pressure (if on medication) – may need to change daily dose – obtain medical advice

• Known anaemia from any cause

• Recent pregnancy – obtain medical advice

• Recent concussion/head injury

• Recent Upper Respiratory Infection/flu/sinusitis within last 7 days prior to the Cycle Challenge

• Severe allergy/anaphylaxis to bees

With any other medical condition that you have been diagnosed with, it is always the best and safest policy to seek medical consultation and advice, rather than have a medical incident on the road.

Netcare will be offering a limited range of free basic health checks at the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge EXPO and we encourage you to get your vitals tested and ask any basic medical questions you may have to better manage anyconditions on Cycle Challenge Sunday. The health checks will be done at the Netcare Wellness Centre at the EXPO. In addition to this, the sports medicine team from Waterfall Sports Orthopaedic Surgery (the medical support behind Team Dimension Data Pro Cycling) has teamed with Coach One to provide an integrated health optimisation and coaching service for endurance athletes, and will be present at the Netcare Wellness Centre.

If the nurses advise you not to cycle, or refer you to a doctor, who advises you not to cycle, we recommend that you do act on that advice. Your health is more important than a medal – and the event will be back next year for you to tackle the challenge again!

Yours in good health, Prof Efraim B. Kramer

Head: Thelle Mogoerane Hospital Emergency Department_Extraordinary Prof: Section Sports Medicine, University of Pretoria_Adj. Prof: Emergency Medicine, University of the Witwatersrand Tournament Medical Officer: FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Advisor Football Medical Services: FIFA Medical Committee

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