Joel's Stransky's 'love affair' with mountain biking

We could keep telling you how awesome the #CCMTB routes are, but take it from someone who rides a lot, like commentator and former Springbok Joel Stransky.

Since he won the World Cup for South Africa in 1995, we have to be proud to have a rugby fanatic crossing over into mountain biking, as he explained here:

It is difficult to define why cycling and in particular mountain biking has become such a passion and ‘love affair’. I think it is something to do with the competitive nature, the constant need to improve and be the best I can be, and to be quite frank, there is something ridiculously enjoyable about the suffering! Mountain biking takes us to places we would never normally go, to trails and views that are often quite spectacular! And very importantly, I get to share the experience with a bunch of like-minded people, many of whom have become very close friends! We are very fortunate to be able to participate at almost any age, to ride hard, to drink lots of coffee together, and to thoroughly enjoy the cycling lifestyle!

Former Springbok, Joel Stransky

Furthermore, Joel shared a tweet following his completion of the 2016 55km Telkom 947 Mountain Bike Challenge:

More about the Telkom 947 Mountain Bike Challenge...

While the road race is super-safe and enjoyed because of closed roads, the Telkom 947 Mountain Biking Challenge is all about making the most of open spaces. If you wonder whether you can enjoy mountain biking in a place with no real mountains, this event in Joburg proves exactly that!

With an exciting range of single jeep and road tracks, and plenty of carefully maintained custom-built sections over private land it allows you to get out of the city without actually leaving it.

Entries close on 30 September. Here are your options if you have not entered yet:

The 55km* event is challenging and mainly aimed at more experienced and technically skilled riders. For this reason, particularly the front-end participants have to qualify for seeding into separate start chutes so they are able to race on a clear track where they don’t have to deal with bottlenecks. This also allows the rest of the participants who are fit and skilled enough to finish, but not really interested in chasing all the time to choose to ride comfortably and enjoy the technical sections without have to put up with hearing too many “track!” shouters.

The shorter 25km* route will offer challenges for the fun and fast racers as speed always does, but also a lovely introduction to mountain biking for less experienced riders and fun for more experienced social pedallers who are not speed-freaks. The route will offer a chance to enjoy a journey over private land, that is very kindly opened to us by Peter Gillespie, Cluny Farm and Inanda Country Base, as well as a very nice water point and other scenery including wildlife, trees and flowers that one might not expect in Joburg.

On Saturday 11 November, there is also a 10km route with a great introduction to trails for beginners and a bit more of a challenge than the Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride for older or more eager kids. This can also provide a fantastic opportunity for the WHOLE family to get out and enjoy their bikes together.

Enter the 55/25km* here.

Enter the 10km here.

*distances may vary up to 5km

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