Join the Dirty Double Club and enjoy the time on your bike in Joburg, twice!

With smooth tar and fully closed roads, the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge route offers a chance to pedal through iconic parts of Joburg like the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and the Nelson Mandela bridge. It also lets you sweat and pant a bit over a good mix of short, sharp and more gentle climbs and descents to cover nearly 94.7km as you circumnavigate Joburg and head back to Riversands Commercial Park.

But, why not enjoy one more day of fun and fierce pedalling in Joburg by entering one of the Telkom 947 Mountain Bike events a week earlier, on Sunday 12 November?

The 55km* route runs a good distance over more custom built single tracks than you can imagine including sections of the black and blue routes on Northern Farm which are usually not accessible in this direction. While pacing sensibly to survive is a good option on this route, the 25km* route requires less technical skills and offers more fun bridges, river crossings and trails than you’ll think can fit in such a short ride.

Why not experience a double dose of #LoveCycling? We’ll reward your commitment to cycling off-road and on closed roads for the Dirty Double with a green number board during the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, so everyone will know you are part of the Dirty Double Club!

*distances may vary up to 5km

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