Join us on Sat 11 November for fun for the WHOLE family!

Socialising with other kids or having family fun on a bicycle offers a great way to burn calories, boost a child’s life skills and confidence, and sneak better fitness into that little body.

While young children easily learn to stay upright, pedal and steer, this article from the Bike Hub recommends not putting them under too much pressure to go faster, climb and manage technical challenges if we want them to enjoy cycling. Apparently, it’s better to offer them frequent relaxed rides without specific targets, and ironically, letting them ride with other little kids who are more skilled seems to encourage them to just try and copy what they see without feeling too much pressure.

With this in mind, the Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride offers a wonderful adventure with closed off routes where children aged 2-10 with different skills levels get to experience an exciting day out where winning is not the main focus. All finishers receive a T-shirt, medal and goodie bag to celebrate their participation, and are able to enjoy some time together off their bicycles at the Spur Fun Zone!

If your children are a bit older, or already more skilled and fit, the 10km Telkom 947 Mountain Bike route (also taking place Saturday 11 November) offers a bit more distance and even the option to race if a child is ready for this. With interesting single tracks, river crossings and scenery, as well as a great water point, this is the perfect day out for the WHOLE family!

Entries are limited – and you don’t want FOMO!

Enter the Kiddies Ride here.

Enter the 10km Mountain Bike here.

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