Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit - The cherry on the top!

It is well into the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge route that the peleton will swing in to Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit to do one circuit before heading out for the finish line some 10kms away...

The original Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit was built in 1961 and hosted multiple rounds of the F1 World Championship between 1967 and 1993, amidst various upgrades. The facility remained the destination of choice for local and international motorsport including various rounds of the World Superbike Championship and A1GP until 2010.

After this period the facility started losing its International status and was put up for auction in 2014. When the hammer fell at the auction on the 24th of July 2014 motorsport fans, both locally and internationally breathed a sigh of relief. What proceeded, under ownership of businessman and race driver Toby Venter, was an extensive redevelopment plan for the facility which represents the single largest upgrade in the circuit's 54 year history.

Once again, on 18 November, Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge Sunday, riders will get to experience the benefits of some of those alterations - great access, upgrades track details, the pleasure of a world-class track surface...

But as with the flipped route, Kyalami will also be ridden in reverse. So to mentally prepare riders for the racetrack features experienced in reverse, PTS Coach Steve Saunders took Nadine Marais (from The Replacements) for a ride...

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