Meet a Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride fanatic

Young Linda Makeka was just five years old when he first convinced his mom to buy him a bicycle, and a few months later he happily experienced his first Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride.

By now, he’s enjoyed this event five times, and if you ask him what he likes about the Kiddies Ride he says: “I love all of it!” with a big smile.

So far Linda’s adventures have included the short but independent ‘Meerkat’s’ route which he managed to make longer by having plenty of fun with the other participants who also did not follow a straight line, the Lions routes for 7-8 year olds, and the Elephants ride for 9 and 10 year olds which offered a different level of fun because it was a bit more competitive.

He’s a shy boy who is not very confident, and part of the appeal of the Kiddies Ride for us is that it gives him good exposure to plenty of other youngsters. It’s actually amusing to watch what parents do – all of them want their kids to be at the front in their group so they can win … oh come on! This is more about fun rather than speed, and that is why it is such a good event.

Aggie Makeka, Linda's Mother

By now Linda has summoned a friend to come along to the Kiddies Ride as well, and all the other little boys in his family have shared this adventure more than once. The aunts and uncles also agree that part of the appeal the Kiddies Ride is that the whole family is able to enjoy a good day in the atmosphere in the Riversands Commercial Park and around the Spur fun zone before and after the kids have crossed their finish lines.

Actually, the cousins are under a bit of pressure now, because they still entered the 5,5km option this year. Linda will turn ten in November, and he plans to challenge himself on his birthday by taking on his first ever 10km Telkom 947 Mountain Bike ride, which also takes place on Saturday 11 November. Go Linda!

We have gone to other races where there were far fewer participants and then it does not have the same atmosphere at all.

Aggie Makeka, Linda's Mother

Experience this all for yourself, and give your child a skill for life! Make cycling an integral part of your family time and enjoy the adventure. All Kiddies Ride finishers will receive a T-shirt, medal, and a fun-filled goodie bag courtesy of Spur!

Be part of this fabulous day out with the family! Entries are limited.

Enter here.

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