New in 2017: Trek Troopers

Over the years, the irony has not been lost on us that those riders with no seeding data are in the start groups towards the back of the field, and therefore have the least amount of time to complete their Cycle Challenge. The rationale behind this, in cycling, is that it’s more dangerous to have faster riders coming through slower riders, possibly less experienced, so there isn’t much that can change in terms of that method.

However, this year organisers have gone one step further to helping those riders get through the Cycle Challenge, in the time frame required before reaching cut-off’s along the way, or at the finish.

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge has joined forces with Trek Bicycle, to bring you the ‘Trek Troopers’, put in place to help our last few groups out. These are experienced riders, who have completed many Cycle Challenges in the past, and have put their hands up to help others get through theirs. The Troopers will be clad in high-vis Trek-Cycle Challenge jerseys, bibs and helmets and will have front and rear lights. Their purpose is to make sure those last few groups get to the finish, in time. Their high-vis kit, provided by Trek, helps them to be easily spotted by the riders relying on them, while creating exposure of the ABC’s of awareness, put together by Trek.

If you’re in the last 4 start groups, there will be Trek Troopers in your start group – identify them upfront and stay close to them to keep to the pace you’ll need to cross the finish line. Listen to their advice in the start pen, on the route or at water points and if you’re really battling, let them know - they might have some specific tips or motivation to get you through.

What are the ABC’s of awareness?

How to be seen!

Research shows that cyclists drastically overestimate the distance at which they are detectable by motorists. Unless we’re actively doing something to increase our detectability, we may not be seen at all. And that’s an alarming reality. But there are simple steps we can take to stand out.

The ABC of Awareness – Always on, Biomotion and Contrast – are presented in a good, better, best hierarchy. Using daytime running lights is a good way to be noticed, but a combination of daytime running lights highlighting your body’s moving parts, and choosing gear that contrasts with the environment is the best option. The more of the ABC’s you follow on every ride, the more you’ll stand out.

Learn more about the ABC’s and Trek products at

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