Not sure how to get your child riding?

With the Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride approaching, and summer officially starting in less than 2 weeks, we’ve found some great advice to help you get your newbie cyclist #CCKiddiesRide ready!

If you don’t have safe tar (most of us don’t) we recommend getting started on grass with a very slight slope so they don’t have to pedal very hard or risk rolling downhill faster than you can run!

In a nutshell:

  • choose a bike that is the right size … not too big!
  • check the brakes, and teach your child how they work
  • don’t let them ride without a helmet
  • check the tyre pressure
  • set the saddle height so your child can put the balls of their feet on the ground while sitting on the saddle
  • gently hold under their armpits while you teach them how to get pedalling
  • don’t freak out about a fall; rather just gently encourage getting back on the bike… if there are bruises or grazes you can fix them later!

The Telkom 947 Kiddies Ride takes place on Saturday 11 November at Riversands Commercial Park and guarantees a fun-filled day for kids aged 2-10. All finishers will receive a T-shirt, medal and a fun-filled goodie bag courtesy of Spur!

Entries are limited. Click here for more.

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