PODCAST - Get your nutrition strategy in place now for race day

Your body will never deliver a great ride if you haven't fed it correctly.

Cycling coach Steve Saunders message is clear in this latest episode of The Coffee Stop podcast. Speaking to Jenni Green, in the comfortable surroundings of Trek Bicycles headquarters, Saunders unpacks the importance of correct nutrition not only when racing, but also when training or freeriding.

Without fueling your system properly you are never going to get through the event.

Steve Saunders, Performance Through Science Coach

In a frank discussion around the principles guiding a nutrition - especially outside of training time - Saunders also highlights those aspects that work against progression - work pressure and unhealthy food consumption.

But most of the conversation revolves around the value of supplementation and the body's need for electrolytes. How riders manage insulin delivery over prolonged periods becomes especially significant as we contemplate longer weekend rides. Similarly, he gives tips on stabilizing blood sugar immediately after events.

Fibre is an important component for the day to day functioning of the digestive system and a body's ability to absorb supplements. To this end he echoes the sentiment of many specialists in performance sport, advising a measured lifestyle and a diet of fresh, natural foodstuffs wherever possible.

Avoid the traps of the easy lifestyle eating.

Steve Saunders, Performance Through Science Coach

There are no nasty additives in our Sport Nutrition Bars, just simple real food. There is no substitute for wholesome nutrition from quality natural ingredients.

Kate Frost, Racefood

Steve and Jenni and the team at Trek Bicycles, where this podcast was recorded.

As Official Energy Bar Partner to the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge, RaceFood will be providing their real food sport nutrition support to cyclists in the Telkom 947 Mountain Bike challenge and in the main event, the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge. They will be providing a total of 30 000 bars, mixed between Racefood FASTbars and Racefood FARbars handed out to cyclists along the route.

We trust that our real food sport nutrition bars will provide cyclists with much needed, great tasting, real food energy, to help them achieve the goals they have worked so hard to achieve.

Kate Frost, Racefood

Click below to listen to the full chat between Steve and Jenni...

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