Picking a favourite part of the Cycle Challenge route? NOT as easy as it sounds!

The Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge is one of the few cycling events that enjoys full road closure - affording a truly unique opportunity to cycle through Joburg without vehicle traffic. In celebration of owning the streets, we asked cyclists of previous races to tell us on the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge Facebook page what parts of the route they enjoyed most.

Interestingly more than half of respondents agreed with Devon du Plessis who said “can’t wait for Kyalami…”

Before being upgraded, the racetrack used to be open for public cycling after hours. Now Cycle Challenge presents one of the few opportunities to cruise a lap on the upgraded F1 track, without having to pay for petrol!

Many riders noted their appreciation at safely enjoying the closed roads in the the city for a day. Mohammed Abed mentions “M1, Nelson Mandela Bridge and the downhill by Zoo Lake…” to explain how much fun it is to be allowed to ride on a highway, visiting parts of the city where we don’t often go, the joy of being encouraged by masses of spectators.

This careful planning of the route also allows people to really focus on their riding all the way...

The entire route… Every part has made awesome memories for me..!

Kelly Kreuger, Cyclist

Among the respondents who enjoy the scenery and socialising, there are those that seem to relish the current route for the challenge it presents...

The last 25km were the best!!! Absolute hell…

Dominique Janssen, Cyclist

Reginald Tafadzwa and Munenyasha Ntelezi relish “King and Queen of the mountain. A tough bit of the whole course but a real mental test” which - after more than 80km under the belt - climbs up Cedar Road where the professional racers earn valuable climbing points.

And then there is the portion through Steyn City where several (beautifully decorated) climbs offer “… a great test of one’s endurance and power!”

While the climbs are great for some, the open stretches of downhill are where the exhiliration lies. The long downhills past Ponte (Joe Slovo Drive), the Joburg Zoo (Jan Smuts Avenue) and into Randburg (on William Nicol Drive) are where personal speed records are traditionaly broken.

Braamfontein to Conrad Drive. All about the speed.

Ben Kelly

Clearly all of this makes you feel even more proud of yourself when you finally cross the timing mat at the finish line, as Deon Botha admits when he says “From Nelson Mandela bridge to Malibongwe AND the finish!"

Entries close on 31 August, so click here and enter before its too late, then get training. You have enough time tobecome a whole lot fitter and faster before race day on 19 November!

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