Podcast - Saddle up, Sally!

So, how exactly do you go from a social group rider to ticking the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge off your bucket list? Coach Di White joined Jenni Green for a special edition of The Coffee Stop to give insight on the subject...

TIP 1 - Ditch the hubby’s program, get your own

If you’re using your husband’s training program – you’re doing it wrong. If you’re trying to increase the intensity ofyour training, it’s important to remember that the female body is are vastly different from those of men. Coach Di White recommends that women follow programs specially designed for their bodies and, goals.

TIP 2 - Hit the road, Jacky!

Whilst weekend rides on the road and trails are important – getting the hours in and, working towards a goal are key differentiators. If you’re determined to create progression in your training, changing things up would be hugely beneficial for you.

So, if you’re sticking to the same routine every week, consider that you could be gaining nothing from cycling. It’s quite like Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity that says, “doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results,” wouldn’t you say?

TIP 3 - Are you getting stronger or breaking your body?

Whilst there’s power in peddling, there’s also restoration in resting. If you’ve committed to an intense training schedule that has you building strength five times a week, remember that the integral part of a training program is rest. The body gets stronger during rest, not during training – everything in moderation.

Listen to Di White in conversation with Jenni Green for The Coffee Stop - sharing insights that could help women progress in the sport...

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