PODCAST - Why all cyclists (men AND women) probably need a coach!

Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge Sporting Director Jenni Green is joined by coaches Di & Nic White of White Inc. Coaching and Performance Through Science coach Steve Saunders to unpack the growth in popularity of cycle coaches, especially for those cyclists who battle to exercise in the context of other demands.

While this conversation revolves around balancing work/ life/ family with specific reference to career or family minded women, many of the principles apply to the broader cycling community!

If you are serious about looking at a goal, and achieving that goal... it comes down to making time in your day. If have a 20 or 30 minutes slot, take that and use it, because it doesn't mean nothing!

Di White, Coach

It doesn't always mean that you have to do all your sessions on the bike. Be creative and flexible. Doing a 30 minute core Pilates session can be just as beneficial as being on the bike.

Di White, Coach

Click below to listen to the full episode... also touching on how to get going, alternative training options and couples training dynamics.

Send through your questions to Jenni and the team via coach@cyclechallenge.co.za

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