Structuring your training rides

Brad Brown and cycling coach Devlin Eyden have released another podcast to help you with training for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge. In this latest episode they discuss how to structure training between now and race day to make sure that you have the best race ever.

First and foremost, they say, make sure that you've got a plan.

Building your cardiovascular endurance and making sure that you can sustain an effort for a long period of time is important - base training will help you with this tremendously.

Closer to the event you can start to build things like strength, which will be important to help you get over the climbs and make them a little bit easier.

Making sure that you're recovering well between training sessions on hard training rides as well. Make sure that your body is adapted to be able to handle that sort of load. That's first and foremost.

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

It's also important to identify and work on your weaknesses. You might be a great climber, but you could struggle on flat sections or when it comes to maintaining long term speed. Ensuring you have a good balance will serve youwell on Cycle Challenge Sunday and following a structured training program will be able to take that all into account.

Identifying the weaknesses and then focus on that. And that will come into the type of intervals that are integrated into your training program.

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

If you are struggling with timing and commitments, you can consider riding on an indoor trainer. These can have huge benefits but be wary that you don't go flat out for every session. These sessions can lead to little recoverytime and you could be missing out on important endurance rides.

Again, structure is key to ensuring you train right.

I do what I like to call my quality sessions, the high intensity interval sessions, on a watt bike for instance. And I do that twice a week. The rest of the time I'm actually out on my bike and what’s important there is spending the time on the bike that you are going to be riding 947 on.

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

Take a listen to the full podcast as Devlin speaks to Brad Brown on RIDE with Coach Parry.

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