The Beginners Guide to the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge

He’s a Sport Scientist, Endurance Sport Specialist & Bike Fit Technician. Devlin Eyden’s experience has had him work with numerous athletes at the High Performance Center (HPC). And he is always up for a challenge.

With the entries to the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge closing in just over a month, Devlin unpacks what an absolute novice can do between now and Cycle Challenge Sunday to ensure that you not only get to the start line, but alsofinish the race.

You need to train for more than just the distance, terrain and your legs, says Devlin. Your body needs to be used to being on a bicycle and what you are going to be tackling on race day.

When you're on the bike for a while and your hands get sore and you don't expect that. And your shoulders and your back and that again goes down to making sure you're in the right position on the bike and getting a good setup.

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

If you look at a calendar, it might not seem like a long time, but you can have your training program structured around your lifestyle as well. If you put in a bit of work, you don’t need to make huge sacrifices. Three months of training is not a life sentence.

Devlin believes that we love the challenge ourselves – while there is fun, there is still an element of competition and a great sense of achievement.

Let's take on something like this (Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge) that is a world-renowned event. It is the 2nd largest timed event in the world and it is iconic. What better way than to challenge yourself and take that on?

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

And don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Full road closures and great organization allow you to revel in the vibrancy and experience of the race.

There is iconic landmarks… places you will never have the opportunity to ride your bike on a usual weekend.

Devlin Eyden, Sport Scientist & Cycling Coach

Take a listen to the full podcast as Devlin speaks to Brad Brown on RIDE with Coach Parry.

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