What to expect from the Telkom 947 Mountain Bike Challenge

Mountain biking is intended as an outdoor adventure, and the 25km Telkom 947 Mountain Bike Challenge route on 12 November offers exactly that. If you are not an experienced cyclist or off road rider, we understand that some of this might make you a bit nervous. We don’t want you to miss out though, so here are some tips to help you tackle and enjoy!

Lots of mountain bikers are fans of **single tracks *with wiggles, and once you know how to ride the, they can prove to be a ton of fun! There are plenty of custom-built single tracks over the private properties you will be able toride on the 25km route, and here is a great video from a blog for beginners about how to ride uphill, downhill and turn on single tracks.

Watercrossings can be slippery and that is a valid worry, but there’s a good reason why lots of people are just going to charge over calmly on the Telkom 947 MTB track. If the water is shallow you can see where you want to go, and then it’s best to start pedalling steadily a few meters before the water so you can build up momentum, hold a straight line and just keep going until you are over. Want to know how to cross a river? Click here.

Some of the climbing you are expected to do on your mountain bike might seem steep and scary, but it is not as tough as it looks. With so many gears, even your bike really helps with this. Need some guidance? Click here.

Unlike road cycling where you try to keep your body still while moving your legs, mountain biking demands some movement to deal with things that look like obstacles until you have figured out how to go over or around them. Here are some tips on changing your body position, braking, shifting gears and choosing a line.

This 25km* ride is a fun adventure decorated with lovely scenery, and by the time you finish it you may well have discovered why mountain biking is so popular. It’s adds a whole new level of understanding to #LoveCycling! Enter here.

If you are fit, but not an experienced mountain biker and the 25km* distance seems too short, just bear in mind that mountain biking takes more time and effort than pedalling on the tar. The 55km* Telkom 947 Mountain Bike Challenge is also available on this day, but is aimed at more skilled mountain bikers. The route is not just longer and steeper, but considerably more technical. You can find more information and entry details about thathere.

*distances may vary up to 5km

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