"You need time in the saddle to start feeling comfortable" - David Katz

It's hard to make small talk without talking about the amazing weather Gauteng is experiencing right now. Health and fitness advocate David Katz says we should be doing more than talking about it, we should use this seasonal lull to get out and get active.

Having some sort of a base with any form of exercise helps when you want to try different things. Then all of a sudden, its just about getting used to the different mechanics of it.

David Katz

Speaking on 702's Weekend Breakfast with Phemelo Motene, Katz - also known as "Mr Active" - pointed out that with just over 60 days to go, it is highly recommended that prospective participants of the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge not only enter asap, but then commit to spending some time training on a bike.

You need time in the saddle to start feeling comfortable.

David Katz

If you have a gym contract, start by going to some of the spinning classes.

David Katz

Katz - an outspoken advocate of physical training - caused a stir on the same radio show recently suggesting companies should offer their employees workout facilities.

The places that have wellness centres have happier and more productive employees.

David Katz

Charity and corporate entries are still open 'til 28 September - so click here to enter the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.

Katz also had advice for those who might want to ride the iconic race, but who find themselves cash-strapped...

Talk to your company, see about doing a corporate entry.

David Katz

Listen to the full conversation below...

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