947 Lifestyle EXPO

On Sunday the 18th of November, organisers will welcome over 28 000 cycling enthusiasts to celebrate the 22nd edition of the iconic 947 Cycle Challenge. Only the947 Cycle Challenge gives cyclists this annual opportunity to take over Joburg, and that won’t change in 2018, but this year – we’ll be doing it in reverse! Embodied in the Cycle Challenge experience is the 947 Lifestyle EXPO – one of the most sought-after cycling and health-related exhibitions in the country and in the southern hemisphere. All entrants are required to collect their Race Packs from Number Collection, which runs concurrently with the EXPO at the Ticketpro Dome – an easily-accessible venue conveniently located in the North-West of Johannesburg. In addition, the EXPO layout is skilfully designed in a way that visitors are routed from the entrance via Number Collection, and then through the EXPO before they can exit – ensuring that no footfall is lost! There's also no charge to visit the EXPO, therefore even those who are not cycling have full access to the wide range of cycling related products and apparel our exhibitors have to offer them!

For any further information, please contact the 947 Lifestyle EXPO Team on 011 017 2700 or expo@hsp.co.za

The 2018 edition of the EXPO introduces an exciting new element!

Cyclists, by the very nature of the sport they practice, are looking for marginal gains in their improvement – improvements in their equipment, diet, on bike nutrition, clothing and gadgets. The Green Zone within the 947 Lifestyle EXPO, is the opportunity for participants to stock up on these products.

There is, however, a new sentiment sweeping through the cycling and indeed the health-conscious community – a good look into what is being put into their bodies. People are becoming more selective of how their products are sourced, sensitive to their foodstuffs and allergic to certain ingredients. Greater variety and selection is required to cater for the unique dietary and lifestyle combinations and requirements.

This year, we aim to evolve the Lifestyle EXPO with an exciting new expansion (the Green Zone) focused on local sustainable, natural, organic and fair-trade products catering for a health-conscious vegetarian, vegan, paleo and 'free-from' clientele.

The 947 Lifestyle EXPO offers:
• long standing event
• 28 000 footfall
• backing of dedicated radio airtime on 947
• cost effective offering

It is anticipated that the Green Zone offering would provide interesting sales and marketing opportunities to reach a broader, affluent and sales ready regional and national audience. Don’t delay and book your stand today. If you’re intrigued, and would like more information, contact Lindsay Britz on 072 380 7323 or greenexpo@hsp.co.za.