947 Cycle Challenge FAQS

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How can I get photographs?

You may view/purchase Jetline Action Photos on www.jetlineactionphoto.com

Entering 947 Cycle Challenge

NOW is the time to get ahead of your #LIFEGOALS in 2019 and enter #CC2019 at 2018 prices to take on Joburg’s biggest cycling event, once more. This time pushing even harder, further and faster.

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When is Cycle Challenge Sunday?

The 23rd edition of the 947 Cycle Challenge takes place on Sunday, 17 November 2019

What is the early bird entry fee?
R504.50 incl 15% VAT

When will early bird entries close?

31 January 2019

How will I be timed?

The event uses Racetec for timing which means that you will need a Racetec Timing Chip. One will automatically be allocated to you when entering online should you not own one. NO CHIP = NO RIDE!