Cyclopedia's pick of cyclist gifts

From showy displays of love to smaller (and FAR more affordable) Christmas stocking fillers, our team has researched it all!

The colour of your race number and what it means

Here's what you'll be seeing when there's a rider with a coloured number board ahead of you that you might want to salute, even if you pass them! ;-)

"You need time in the saddle to start feeling comfortable" - David Katz

Mr Active says there is no time like the present to start training for the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.

Women in mountain biking

In recent years the traffic density on many of our roads in South Africa has made riding mountain bikes increasingly popular because it is safer – but is this really a sport for women?

Bike, body and kit

Even if you are just planning to ride and enjoy the Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge with plenty of calm training, part of the challenge of this race is the fact that it’s not quick, nor easy.

Why Mountain Biking is just... awesome!

Need a reminder about why mountain biking is an awesome sport to enjoy whether you are a racer, an experienced participant, a newbie or anywhere in between?

Joel's Stransky's 'love affair' with mountain biking

We could keep telling you how awesome the #CCMTB routes are, but take it from someone who rides a lot, like commentator and former Springbok Joel Stransky.

Join us on Sat 11 November for fun for the WHOLE family!

Socializing with other kids or having family fun on a bicycle offers a great way to burn calories, boost a child’s life skills and confidence, and sneak better fitness into that little body.

5 of the best cycling trails in Jozi

For those who love the wilderness-feel in a big city, here are some great trails to explore in and around Johannesburg.

Soweto now? Feel inspired!

Learn more about the Ride for a Purpose initiative ahead of Telkom 947 Cycle Challenge.